Fitdeck is a passionate entrepreneurial venture of young professionals coming together which exists for the sole reason of making fitness a part of your lifestyle. We believe in fitness and people who believe in it. That's the sole reason we built a platform for people who want to improve their style of living, become more active and ultimately - stay FitDecked.


Meet our Founders

young professionals coming together for making fitness a part of your lifestyle.


Akarsh Ananth has been training for a good part of the last decade and takes great pride in his fitness. He is a former professional cricketer who has represented his state in various age groups and an MBA graduate from a reputed university not to mention his certifications in the field of fitness believes he can truly change people’s perception towards fitness and lifestyle.



Akash Shenvi is an ex-professional cricketer who wants to be an entrepreneur. He has led a very disciplined life as a sportsman, which has helped him be a good team player. His out of the box thinking and networking skills gave him an advantage in taking on any challenge and grabbing every oppurtunity.


Dr. Rahul Rao

Dr. Rahul Rao is a veterinarian who holds a master's degree in veterinary surgery and has specialised in the field of orthopedic surgeries. He believes that everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves inside and out.


Pradyumna Rao

Pradyumna Rao has a solid entrepreneurial foundation complemented by professional experience in Business Development, Key Account Management, Market Analysis and Digital Marketing, he has completed his MBA from a well-known university in the country. He is that businessman of tomorrow in Real Estate and in the world of Wellness and Fitness.

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What we have to offer?

We have best-in-class trainers & offer various group workout sessions. FitDeck is equipped with the best-in-class equipment to give you a world-class experience. You can book classes, and follow workout videos - all with the click of a button from the FitDeck or website.

How is the FitDeck different from a regular gym?

With our unconventional training space, we hope to provide you with a well-balanced selection of workouts that will improve your health as well as be interesting. By providing group workouts that emphasise total growth, FitDeck sets itself apart from other fitness facilities. Make training enjoyable and uncomplicated with the aid of top-notch trainers and group exercises, according to FitDeck's straightforward guiding principle.

What is fitdeck - performance lab?

FitDeck Performance Lab is our in-house state of the art facility for managing & treating physical pain or discomfort caused due to physical activity.

What do we offer at fitdeck - performance lab?

FitDeck Performance Lab is a cutting-edge facility with several physiotherapists and specialists to manage and treat any kind of bodily injury or discomfort brought on by exercise or any other physical activity.


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